Transforming conventional surroundings into powerful stories

the story

I believe stories are more than entertainment, they shape the way we think, create, and connect with people. That's why I dedicated myself to studying its influence and how it can be a tool for positive social impact.


I'm an artist based in Berlin with a background in Psychology and started as a line producer in political documentary films for Jorge Furtado (Silver Berlin Bear and Emmy winner) and Maria Ramos (Golden Leopard) before moving to Germany where I was part of the Film Artist Training of Universität der Künste Berlin and finished the Master's Program of serialized formats at the Internationale Filmschule (ifs) in Cologne - having classes with Lisa Albert (Mad Men), Matthew Graham (Life on Mars), Hagai Levi (In Treatment and The Affair) and many others.

I've been involved in the past years with political arts and new technologies and I look forward to collaborating on unconventional narratives and art initiatives. 


Pitch of "Y Not" - Cologne Film Fest
Set of Os Desajustados
Set of Orientierungslos
Pitch of "Lords of Disguise" - IFS -
Best Short Documentary for "Encontro
Pitch "Y Not" @ Symposium Filmakadem

 open eyes and open ears are 

 what makes me a writer