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Woke is an app that applies virtual intervention on the physical space with the intention to highlight city memorials and call attention to the hidden colonial heritage in European cities, in order to incite reflection and action.


We use Augmented Reality to put a spotlight on everyday sites, in which historical meanings are sometimes forgotten, to enhance the experience of physical memorials and to question the status quo and narratives told by traditional art in terms of ethnicity and gender. Using the phone camera, users can reveal hidden layers of information and reconnect with the city on a different level. 


Woke changes the perception of our surroundings and puts its user in an uncomfortable state of realization. Woke is designed as a tool for education as much as for political activism, to question ourselves about our past, understand our present and change our future.

WOKE was developed in March 2020 using Unity, Vuforia

Footage special thanks to:

Daniel Haaksman "Rename The Streets"

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