Brussels, 28.10.2021

The residence program of Cine Luso in Brussels, Belgium was intense. What a special birthday present I'm having for being here!


I'm very grateful to have worked with amazing artists from all over the world and to have collaborated with Julian Boal for the script of Gagne-Pain


C&G EP115785.jpg

Berlin, 02.07.2020

Crews & Gangs is now available on Joyn! 

It took us 40 shooting days to have the whole season recorded, back in 2018!

One of the coolest things is to watch each scene and try to remember where I was hiding myself. 



Thanks Jenna Suru and Chloé Gilles for inviting me to my first time at MipTV and Canneseries.

It was a great opportunity to meet fellow writers and see what comes next for TV. Looking forward for next year already.  



Today we shot the teaser of my new documentary project, started at UdK Berlin.

​I'm very excited to go to the editing bay and see it getting form!


Berlin, 12.01.2019

I was invited to pitch and develop a project with the consultation of UdK tutors and artists. It is amazing to be part of this group of talented international artists in exile. It was an intense week of notes and feedback!

Special thanks to Asli Özge and her sensitive eye for political narratives!



I woke up today with a smile on my face. The Gira Festival ending ceremony was yesterday and was a huge success! A four-days festival with almost no budget but a lot of energy!

Mitte stopped for us (sorry for the tram delays, by the way!) ;)

Is there a better feeling than seeing a project that you helped to create and worked for 7 months finally being born?


Berlin, 08.09.2018

Last minute surprise! I was happy to have been invited to attend WebFest Berlin 2018.

I could see so many innovative Short Digital projects being born - can't wait to see what will be accomplish for next year!


Berlin, 30.06.2018

It was a great honor to represent the crew of Orientierungslos today in Babylon at the Berlin Short Film Festival! This was my first film as Production Manager in Germany and it was a very special feeling to remember all the backstage fun seeing the movie on the big screen!  


Berlin, 19.06.2018

Today we shot the music video for Aquafaba in a beautiful rooftop in the city.


Music was sweet and neighbors were a great audience, watching from their windows - they even invited the police to check it out!


Berlin, 28.05.2018

I'm extra excited with the pre-production of the Ein-arm-länge's promo video!

We are trying out different materials for costume design!