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Gagne-Pain (2021)


Artistic coordination: Julian Boal
Coletivo Cine Luso 2021 (expose)
Eric Bitencourt (script)
Lais Andrade (direction)

Production Manager: Aline Yasmin

Production Assistant: Renzo Dalvi

Catering: Isabel DuarteCurator
Maria João Flôxo (production designer)

Luna Halloy (art assistance)
Hakim Trabelsi (casting direction)
Soleni Dos Santos (art assistance)
Stefham Cardoso (photography)
Umberto Tavares (making off and production)
Alex Cepile (original soundtrack)

Cast: Rúbia de Souza, Aline Yasmin, Maria João Flôxo, Hakim Trabelsi, Omar Fassi, Lais Andrade, Arlene Rocha, Sol dos Santos, Matteo Smaniotto, Luca Smaniotto, Vinicius Coelho.

The movie is a collection of short stories and it was a collaborative work conceived during the residence Cine Luso 2021 by a multidisciplinary collective under the guidance of Julian Boal and The Theater of the Oppressed. The stories were collected based on true life events and personal experiences from collective members, resident artists and the sans-papier.


Premiere screening: Maison du Peuple de Saint-Gilles.

Production: Cine Luso, The Left - EU

15 min, Belgium

Sponsorship: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Commune de Saint-Gilles - Café Béguin

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